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Records For Sale

I'm selling off my Alice Cooper record collection (over 500 records), from "The Spiders" all the way through to present. 

Record price ranges from $5 all the way up.

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Full Record List

The plan is to compile a complete list of Alice Cooper records for everyone to use as a reference guide.  If you have or know of any record that is not listed, please let me know so I can update the list for all to benefit from.  Images of records are also welcome.

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Bargain Bin

If you are after a bargain or want to view the cheaper records to fill in the gaps of your collection, or get a record you have always wanted, this is where you want to look first.

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Collection Photos And Videos

Sit back and enjoy the various photos and videos I took of my collection.  I guarantee you will be impressed and enjoy them.  Comments are also welcome :)

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